место, «где»; пятая из десяти аристотелевских категорий.

Латинский словарь средневековых философских терминов. . 1998.

Смотреть что такое "UBI (WHERE, PLACE)" в других словарях:

  • ubi — place, location, position, 1610s, common in English c.1640 1740, from L. ubi where, ultimately from PIE *kwo bhi (Cf. Skt. kuha, O.C.S. kude where ), locative case of pronomial base *kwo . Ubi sunt, lit. where are (1914), in reference to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Where Troy Once Stood — is a book by Iman Wilkens that argues that the city of Troy was located in England and that the Trojan War was fought between groups of Celts, against the standard view that Troy is located near the Dardanelles in Turkey. Wilkens claims that… …   Wikipedia

  • Ubi est forum, ibi ergo est jus — Where the forum or place ofjurisdiction is, there the law is accordingly …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • ubi quis delinquit, ibi punietur — /yuwbay kwis daligkwat, aybay pyuwniyiytar/ Where a man offends, there he shall be punished. In cases of felony, the trial shall be always by the common law in the same place where the offense was, and shall not be supposed in any other place …   Black's law dictionary

  • What? Where? When? — Genre Game show Starring Vladimir Voroshilov, Boris Kryuk Opening theme Owl with Crown No. of seasons 34 No. of episodes 1000+ …   Wikipedia

  • Constitution esse cam domum unicuique nostrum debere existimari, ubi quisque sedes et tabulas haberet, suarumque rerum constitutionem fecisset — (Civil law.) It is established that the home of each of us is considered to be the place where he has his abode and his books and where he may have made an establishment of his business …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • debet quis juri subjacere ubi delinquit — /debat kwis juray sabjaesariy yuwbay dalirjkwat/ One [every one] ought to be subject to the law [of the place] where he offends …   Black's law dictionary

  • servanda est consuetude loci ubi causa agitur — /sarvanda est konswat(y)uwdow lowsay yiiwbay koza aejatar/ The custom of the place where the action is brought is to be observed …   Black's law dictionary

  • Debet quis juri subjacere ubi delinquit — A person ought to be subject to the law of the place where he commits an offense …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Servanda est consuetudo loci ubi causa agitur — The custom or usage of the place where the action is brought should be observed. The maxim is one of the civil law. Decouche v Savetier, 3 Johnson s Ch (Md) 190 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Koine Greek — Koine redirects here. For other uses, see Koine (disambiguation). History of the Greek language (see also: Greek alphabet) …   Wikipedia

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